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Compulsions Hypnotherapy in Wolverhampton

All about Hypnotherapy for Compulsions, how it works and how many sessions you might need.

Hypnotherapy for Compulsions in Wolverhampton and Wombourne - woman staring at chocolates

Most people think Compulsions are the same as Obsessions but this is not quite correct.

As a rule of thumb, a Compulsion is a behaviour that is undertaken, often with little thought, on impulse or with a sense of having been ‘driven’ to it, and instant relief is felt, frequently there may be some feelings of guilt or shame felt afterwards, but immediate gratification is always felt at the time.

With Obsessions this sense of relief, this “instant gratification” is often never experienced.

Compulsions come in many form, but the ones we most frequently encounter are:

  • Overeating, particularly as a response to some sort of emotional upset
  • Smoking
  • Compulsive Shopping or spending

In each of these examples, carrying out the compulsion provides immediate relief, but long term, usually has a negative impact on the persons life!

Read more about Compulsions on WIKI here.


The types of Compulsions Helped

Compulsive behaviours can range from simple everyday behaviours such as shopping to more reckless activities such as self-harming.

One of the issues with compulsions is that most of them undertaken to excess can have very damaging impacts on people’s lives:  the compulsive shopper may find themselves heavily in debt or even bankrupt, while the compulsive self-harmer may place their life in jeopardy on a regular basis.

Below you can find a list of typical compulsions that can be helped with Hypnotherapy in Wolverhampton.

Clearly this list is not exhaustive but it does represent the types of problems we have been able to help in the past:

  • Excessive shopping
  • Excessive drinking
  • Addictive behaviours (e.g. gambling, misusing drugs or other substances, eating disorders such as bulimia)
  • Sexual Problems
  • Nail biting which we classify as an “oral” compulsion
  • Self-harming compulsions
  • Hair twiddling and/or pulling
  • Compulsive eating habits
  • Smoking cigarettes or other substances – Smoking is the worlds most common compulsion!


Effective Hypnotherapy for Compulsions in Wolverhampton

Therapists have been offering Hypnotherapy for Compulsions for many years. Today, Hypnotherapy is supported by scientific evidence that shows how helpful this complementary therapy can be.

However, Hypnotherapy is NOT a “magical Cure”. This is because your personality, your willingness to change and a number of other factors play a significant role in how well any type of therapy works.

Because Hypnosis is very relaxing and provides a high degree of self-insight, most people find that just being able to relax more is a significant part of getting better. The more relaxed you become, the easier you will find it to solve your Compulsions problems.


What Happens in the Hypnotherapy for Compulsions Sessions?

Hypnotherapy for Compulsions in Wolverhampton & Wombourne - Session in Progress

Hypnotherapy for Compulsions normally involves a number of sessions which are held weekly. We suggest that most people will get the best results from a course of four sessions, or more, depending on how long you have been suffering for.

The process of hypnotherapy we use in the clinic involves you sitting comfortably in one of our therapy chairs whilst you listen to Joan’s voice. She will discuss with you the specific situations or the triggers that lead to your Compulsions problems. This will allow her to develop the most appropriate metaphors and suggestions to help you to deal with any negative feelings and to help you cope with the symptoms more effectively.

Over the course of the hypnotherapy sessions you will explore previous experiences that may have led to negative feelings and you will learn to develop a range of coping mechanisms.

At Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy we make use of an audio system called the “Hypno-Com”. Joan uses this to talk to you through a headphone and microphone system whilst blending relaxing music into the background. The Hypno-Com systems create a highly effective therapeutic environment that assists the treatment.


How Many Sessions of Hypnotherapy for Compulsions will I Need?

Whilst it’s impossible to be prescriptive about the number of sessions required, most people will find that somewhere between four and ten sessions will produce the desired results. Joan offers pre-paid courses of Hypnotherapy for Compulsions.

You can view the fees and pay for your course by PayPal on our Fees page.


Confidential Initial Assessments for Hypnotherapy for Compulsions

Initial Consultations for Hypnotherapy for Compulsions in Wolverhampton & Wombourne

Joan offers a completely Confidential Initial Assessment for Hypnotherapy for Compulsions which lasts about 45 mins to an hour.

If you’d like to have a chat about it, please click on the button below to get in touch.

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