Gastric Band Hypnosis Testimonials

Gastric Band Hypnosis Testimonials

All of the following Gastric Band Hypnosis Testimonials have been provided with full permission by the people who have experienced the process with us here in Wolverhampton

Mr. D:  I lost weight with the Gastric Band Hypnosis Weight Loss System

In four months I have lost 2 1/2 stone I can’t believe it!! (I keep saying it time and time again )

When I came and saw you in May for a group of sessions based on having Gastric Band Hypnosis, I was not convinced it would work.

But you gave me the confidence and inspiration to finally get on track and achieve what I had been trying to do ( but never achieved ) over the previous year.

Before I came to see to see you I was vastly overweight (18 stone ) but now I am down to 15 1/2 stone. My life has changed back to the way it should be.

I can play football and hold my own again, I can walk mountains without suffering afterwards.

My confidence and self esteem is higher than it has been for a long, long time.

I plan to lose more weight and get down as low as possible. The target we set was 14 stone, so I am going for it. I believe it is achievable

What’s really funny is that I have put clothes away because they are obviously too big for me, and I have got clothes back out that where too small for me but now they are also getting too big ( the wife has said I have got to make do for a while though! ).

I am even wearing “slim fit” clothes. Something I thought I would never do

Thanks again for your help. I can’t thank you enough for getting me on track and giving me the confidence to believe I can achieve it

You’re a top bloke!


D (P.S. My hat was very tasty, especially with the cous cous!)


Mrs W: Bus Driver loses weight with Gastric Band Hypnosis Wolverhampton

I went to see Paul on 24th June 2011. We sat and chatted and I opted for the Gastric Band Hypnosis Weight Loss System.

When I started I weighed in at 317 lbs (22 stones 11 lbs) and I have now been following the programme for 12 weeks and currently weigh 292 lbs- a loss of 25 lbs!!

I’m not saying it is easy because it isn’t, but I CAN hear my “inner voice” telling me “that’s enough now, you don’t NEED any more.”

I feel so much happier in myself, plus, because of the weight loss, my knee and back are not so painful and I sleep so well now.

I would recommend this weight loss system…I REALLY would…..S.


Mrs K: I Quit Snacking with Gastric Band Hypnosis in Wolverhampton

Having reached the heaviest I had ever been I decided it was time to take control of my eating and get my weight sorted out ONCE and FOR ALL.

I had heard about Gastric Band Hypnosis and decided to give it a go.

From the first meeting with Paul I knew that this was just what I was looking for, something to get my mind back into the right place to deal with my weight issue.

From the very first session my eating habits changed.

I can honestly sat that I have NOT SNACKED AT ALL!!!

I eat sensibly and what I want, I just eat a lot less of it and I’m on my way to reaching my target weight without any difficulty.

I’m so glad I took “the plunge”. The HYPNO-BAND has certainly worked for me and my thanks to Paul for helping ME to make it happen.

I eat regular healthy meals and just stop when I feel full!!


Kay:- A stone & a half lighter with the Gastric Band Hypnosis System

I started my Gastric Band Hypnosis Therapy in February 2012.

I can honestly say i didn’t think it would work, but 3 months down the line i am a whole stone and a half lighter plus i am still losing.

Without Paul’s help i would still be agonising over my weight problem, i am so glad i gave hypnotherapy a try because i have a more positive approach towards everything i do.


Joan helped us lose weight with Gastric Band Hypnosis

Earlier this year my friend and I went to see Joan about having the Hypno-Band Gastric Band Hypnosis.

We were very sceptical about hypnosis and Joan put us totally at ease, she is a lovely lady and explained everything really well.

We went for 4 sessions and by the end of that we’d both lost nearly 1 stone, we’ve continued to listen to the Cd’s she gave us and I have now lost nearly 2 stone and my friend has lost 3 stone!

We are thrilled with the results and would tell anyone wanting to lose weight to give it a try.

You might think it’s quite costly but when you think how much money you pay to go to a slimming club it is a lot cheaper to go to Joan, and the results are so much better and last longer.

It’s a life change and Joan seems to get that into your head.

We would recommend her to anyone.

Carol and Amanda


Gastric Band Hypnosis Testimonial

Hi Joan not sure if you remember me, I came to two of your classes and just wanted to say I love listening to your cd and I’ve lost 10lbs in three weeks yay me!

Thanks to you Keeping me positive and swapping my desire for biscuits with flavoured water!

Thanks again love S


From Mrs S, Wolverhampton: Gastric Band Hypnosis

I’d read about Gastric Band Hypnosis last year and I started to review the this web-site before Christmas, reading through the testimonials.

I wanted to begin (another) weight loss programme in the new year but I also wanted something that would change my life and not change something for a short period.

I went to see Joan in January and I knew from that first meeting that this was something that would change my life by changing the way I thought about food.

From the first consultation (literally) I have thought about food as something I need to live, rather than living for my next meal.

Since the band has been fitted I have been eating (considerably) smaller portions, stopped thinking about food and my next meal and as a result stopped snacking, broken long-standing habits and found myself with so much more energy.

I’m walking on average 6 miles each week without even thinking about it.

So far I’ve lost over 1 stone and am confident that I will reach my target by next Christmas.

The difference this time is that I am not dieting. I am eating the same meals as the family but small amounts and I’m not rushing when I eat.

All these changes are definitely for life and I am recommending this to anyone who will listen to me!

Lots of love

Debbie xxxx


You can find out more about Gastric Band Hypnosis and what’s involved by visiting this page: Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Wolverhampton

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