List of Problems

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List of Problems Helped

This is a comprehensive list of the problems that we can help with here at our clinic, although not all problems listed can be helped using Hypnotherapy. This is because many problems are classified as ‘medical’ problems and as such, Hypnotherapists are legally disallowed from advertising that they can help with these issues (For example on a website such as this one).

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Whilst people might gain some benefits from a reduction in the SYMPTOMS of many of these problems, the actual problem itself may require the use of other forms of help, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or other forms of Counselling Psychology.

Fortunately we are able to offer a range of expert help in all of these fields so although Hypnotherapy may not be suitable, we can almost certainly offer you a form of therapy that will be!

In the following list of problems we have added the specific type of therapy that may be used when Hypnotherapy is excluded. Those items without an alternative therapy listed against them may be ‘treated’ with Hypnotherapy without any problem.

They are arranged in Alphabetical order to help you quickly identify your specific problem – simply click on any of the problems to visit that particular page.

AblutophobiaThe Fear of Washing or Cleaning
AcrophobiaThe Fear of Heights
Addictions – Addictive Problems – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
AgoraphobiaThe Fear of Open Spaces
AichmophobiaThe Fear of Needles or Injections
AilurophobiaThe Fear of Cats
Algophobia – The Fear of Pain
Amaxophobia – The Fear of Riding in a car
AndrophobiaThe Fear of Men
Anger Management – Techniques for dealing with Anger
Anorgasmia – The Inability to reach Orgasm
Anthophobia – The Fear of Flowers
Anthropophobia – The Fear of People
Anxiety – Our Response to perceived danger
Aquaphobia – The Fear of Water
ArachnophobiaThe Fear of Spiders
AstraphobiaThe Fear of Thunder
Atelophobia – The Fear of Not Being Good Enough
AutophobiaThe Fear of Being Alone
AviophobiaThe Fear of Flying
Barophobia – The Fear of Gravity
Bathmophobia – The Fear of Stairs or Slopes
ChaetophobiaThe Fear of Hair
Chemophobia – The Fear of Chemicals
CherophobiaThe Fear of Happiness
ChiroptophobiaThe Fear of Bats
Chromophobia – The Fear of Colours
Chronophobia – The Fear of Passing Time
ClaustrophobiaThe Fear of Enclosed Spaces
Climacophobia – The Fear of Climbing
Compulsions – Behaviours we feel we MUST carry out
CoulrophobiaThe Fear of Clowns
Cyberphobia – The Fear of New Technology
Decidophobia – The Fear of Making Decisions
DemonophobiaThe Fear of Demons or the Occult
DentophobiaThe Fear of Dentists or Dental Treatment
Depression – Both short term and pervasive Depression
Drug Abuse – In particular, psychological addiction – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
Dysmorphophobia – The Fear of Body Defects
Eating Disorders – Bulimia, Emetophobia, Anorexia – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
Ecclesiophobia – The Fear of Churches
EmetophobiaThe Fear of Vomiting or Being Sick  – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
Erectile Dysfunction – Difficulty getting or maintaining an erection  – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
Ergophobia – The Fear of Work
Erotophobia – The Fear of Sex
Erythrophobia – The Fear of Blushing in Public
Exam Nerves – Help for Test and Exam nerves
Fear of Being Sick – See Emetophobia  – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
Fear of Dentists – See Ondontophobia
Fear of Flying – See Aviophobia
Fear of Needles – See Aichmophobia
Fear of Public Speaking – See Glossophobia
FriggatriskaidekaphobiaThe Fear of Friday 13th
Frigophobia – The Fear of the Cold
Gambling Addiction – Problems with Gambling  – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
Gastric Band Hypnotherapy – weight loss programme
Gelotophobia – The Fear of Being Laughed At
Genophobia – The Fear of Sexual Intercourse  – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
GephyrophobiaThe Fear of Bridges
Gerascophobia – The Fear of Growing Old
GlobophobiaThe Fear of Balloons (popping)
GlossophobiaThe Fear of Public Speaking
Gymnophobia – The Fear of Nudity
Gynophobia – The Fear of Women
Hair Pulling – Trichotillomania
Haemophobia – The Fear of Blood
Halitophobia – The Fear of Bad Breath
Haphephobia – The Fear of Being Touched
Harpaxophobia – The Fear of Being Robbed
Heliophobia – The Fear of Sunlight
Hylophobia – The Fear of Trees
Hypnophobia – The Fear of Going to Sleep
Ichtyophobia – Fear of Fish
Insomnia – Difficulty Sleeping  – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
Internet Addiction – Spending too much time on-line  – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Also known as IBS
Kinetophobia – Fear of Movement
Kleptophobia – Fear of Stealing
Koumpounophobia – Fear of buttons
Lilapsophobia – Fear of Hurricanes
Loss of Interest in Sex – Improving Libido  – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
Low Self Esteem – Self Esteem problems
Mechanophobia – Fear of Machinery
Melissophobia – Fear of Bees
Methyphobia – Fear of Alcohol
Musophobia – Fear of Mice
Myrmecophobia – Fear of Ants
Mysophobia – Fear of Germs
Necrophobia – Fear of Dead Things
Neophobia – Fear of New Things
Nosocomephobia – Fear of Hospitals
Nosophobia – Fear of Contracting a Disease
Nyctophobia – Fear of the Dark
Obesophobia – Fear of Obesity
Obsessions – In particular OCD  – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
Oikophobia – Fear of Home Surroundings
Omphalophobia – Fear of Belly Buttons (navels)
Oneirophobia – Fear of Dreams
Opthalmophobia – Fear of Being Stared At
Osmophobia – Fear of Smells or Odours
Panic Attacks – Panic Attacks and Panic Disorders  – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
Panphobia – Fear of “Everything”
pediophobia – Fear of Dolls
Phagophobia – Fear of Gagging – Also see Emetophobia – Fear of Being Sick  – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
Pharmacophobia – Fear of Medicine or Medication
Phasmophobia – Fear of Ghosts
Philophobia – Fear of Love
Phobias – A Comprehensive List of Phobias
Phobophobia – The Phobia of Phobias themselves!
Phonophobia – Fear of Noise
Pogonophobia – Fear of Beards
Pornophobia – Fear of Pornography
Premature Ejaculation – Also known as PE  – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
Pupaphobia – Fear of Puppets
Pyrophobia – Fear of Fire
Radiophobia – Fear of Radioactivity or Radiation
Scopophobia – Fear of Being Seen
Scriptophobia – Fear of Writing in Public
Secret Eaters – Beating Unconscious Eating problems
Self Confidence – Solutions for Low Self Confidence
Sex Addiction – Including Porn Addiction  – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
Sexual Performance Anxiety – Affects both Men and Women  – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
Social Anxiety Disorder – Also known as Social Phobia  – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
Social Phobia – Fear of Social Situations or the Fear of Being judged by Others
Sociophobia – Fear of Socialising (see Social Phobia above)
Spectrophobia – Fear of Mirrors
Stasiphobia – Fear of Standing (up)
Stop Smoking Hypnosis – Improves your resolve to quit smoking
Stress – Stress and Stress Related problems
Stuttering – Also referred to as Stammering
Stygiophobia – Fear of Hell
Taphophobia – Fear of Being Buried Alive
Technophobia – The Fear of New Technologies
Tetraphobia – Fear of Number 4
Thalassophobia – Fear of the Sea
Thanatophobia – The Fear of Death or Dying
Theophobia – Fear of God
Tokophobia – Fear of Childbirth
Toxiphobia – Fear of Being Poisoned
Trypanophobia – The Fear of Needles or Sharp Objects
Unusual Sexual Preferences – Distortions of the Sexual Instinct  – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
Uranophobia – Fear of Heaven
W, X, Y & Z
Vaginismus Problems – Painful sex and penetration difficulties  – CBT & Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme
Weight Loss Solutions – Effective Weight Loss Techniques
Xenophobia – Fear of Foreigners
Xylophobia – Fear of Forests