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The Fear of Flying is not necessarily the inability to travel in a plane! Most ‘fearful flyers’ do actually fly – although they find it a very uncomfortable experience.

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How each person experiences the fear of flying will differ considerably and can range from a mild concern, that passes once you have made the decision to fly, to a powerful and over-powering fear, or panic attacks, that makes air travel an impossibility.

To gauge how your own ‘flying nerves’ compare with others just imagine a scale with mild nervousness at one end, a severe and disabling phobia of air travel at the opposite end and, somewhere in the middle, the person who travels by air only when they really, absolutely, have to.

Mild Fear of Flying

At the mild end of the gauge is the person who becomes a little anxious for a while at certain stages of the flight.

They may become uneasy on entering the plane, when the doors close, when the plane takes off or lands or manoeuvres, or if they experience turbulence, etc.

This is not a true fear of flying – and even the most confident flyers will, on occasions, experience these thoughts or stressful feelings.

Fear of Flying – Planes and White-Knuckle Flying

Midway along this “scale” is the nervous or ‘white knuckle’ flyer. This person will travel by plane as a last resort, because they have no other choice.

They will try to avoid going on holidays or applying for jobs that might involve air travel.

Or they will spend long hours travelling by car and ferry, much to the discomfort of family members or colleagues who have to accompany them.

Dennis Bergkamp. the famous Dutch Footballer, was a very fearful Flyer and would only travel by land to get to International Matches!

If they really have to fly they will usually use strong medication or alcohol to help them deal with their fear of flying.

Any trip involving air travel is an ordeal for them.

When they arrive they may take quite a while to get over their outward journey – only to then begin nervously anticipating the return journey.

fear of flying wolverhampton - couple enjoying their holiday destination

Imagine arriving at your dream holiday destination having enjoyed your flight and ready for a well earned rest.

Flying Phobia

At the far end of the spectrum is the person whose fear of flying is so strong that they cannot fly at all – even the thought of being in a plane causes anxiety.

For the person with such a flying phobia the experience of being on a plane can be quite distressing and may result in panic attacks, nausea, shaking, hyperventilating, etc.

Fear of Flying can be so incapacitating as to make air travel quite impossible and can even prevent them travelling to an airport to meet someone else.

Fear of flying is widespread

It is estimated that up to 1 in 5 people have a fear of flying – depending on the intensity of their phobia they may either avoid air travel altogether or may only be able to fly with the aid of alcohol or medication.

For some this is inconvenient or embarrassing. For others it is a major block – as when their aviophobia prevents them and their families going on holidays together.

In some cases the fear of flying can have a major impact on a person’s career – they will avoid or turn down promotion or will not even apply for positions that might require them to travel by planes.

Fear of Flying Testimonials

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying Testimonial - JMrs. J. from Wolverhampton

Joan, you are a miracle worker! I have never felt so relaxed and stress free on a flight and holiday! It was amazing and I will never forget it.

Thank you so much, I’ll be back for a top up next time xx

Fear of Flying Overcome Using the Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme

Fear of Flying Testimonial - AdamHello Paul, I came back from my holiday Friday night after 2 weeks of complete relaxation. For the first time I was able to relax right up to the moment I went home including when I was on the plane.

I did the DREAM exercises before I went on and it really helped me to have full control on the plane with no panic moments at all.

I took the first flight for granted, when it come to my second flight I didn’t do no techniques or exercises because I thought I would be sound which lead to a nervy flight. I didn’t think about the flight until I was on it, once I was on I started to let myself lose control.

I proved to myself that although you can do it once doesn’t mean you don’t ever need to do the exercises again. I know because I didn’t do the exercises or didn’t apply myself properly was the reason I had a not so good second flight. All it comes down to though is that I didn’t control it properly and allowed myself to create my fear again. Next time though it will be under control and hasn’t knocked my confidence one bit I am going to succeed and will totally rid it soon.

The way I look at it is my first flight will be my motivation for everything now. It was full proof to myself that the DREAM technique literally works a dream to me when applied! Nothing’s a obstacle now I like to see it as challenge which drives me on even more to gain full control. I now want to start seeking heights rather than step away from them.

I couldn’t thank you anymore for helping me to understand myself and giving me the right guidance to allow me to understand how to gain control. You introduced me to something that has and will continue to change my life.

Thank you again for everything Paul.

Kindest regards Adam

You can learn how to manage your Fear of Flying

A Fear of Flying can be resolved.

You do not have to ‘learn to live with it’, nor do you have to continue holding yourself back from the convenience of air travel or from holidays or career advancement that involve travel by air.

What’s Involved in the Fear of Flying Course?

Joan’s Fear of Flying Programme involves 3 sessions over 4 hours that build-up towards the date of your flight and costs £280.

The sessions themselves combine methods from Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and BWRT and help you to develop a strong and positive mind-set so that you can enjoy your flying rather than being scared.

You will also be given a mind-programming CD designed to help you develop a stronger sense of ability to cope with flying.

You can view our fees and pay for your course by PayPal on our Prices page.

Confidential Initial Assessments for Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying

We offer a completely Confidential Initial Assessment for Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying so please click on the button below to get in touch with us.

You may also be interested in Fear of Flying Help with the Thrive Programme at Thrive with Paul.

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