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The fear of public speaking (Glossophobia) is just about the most common phobia that people suffer from.

It can turn even the most robust individual into a nervous wreck!

Many people cannot imagine anything worse than having to get up and give a speech, or make a presentation at work!

For some, the fear of public speaking might create so much Anxiety that they would rather turn down a better paid job because it requires making presentations.

It is not uncommon for men to opt out of being their friends “best man” as they will be expected to make a speech at the wedding.

Typically just the thought of having to get up and speak publicly can result in:

  • Palms sweating
  • Hands and legs developing the shakes
  • Thoughts start to race through the mind
  • The heart starts to “pound”
  • The memory goes completely blank
  • Feeling like you’re blushing terribly

If you have suffered these “symptoms” when having to speak publicly, or develop these feelings at the prospect of having to do so, then you would appear to have this problem.

The Fear of Public Speaking may be Social Anxiety Disorder!

In all of the cases that we have helped people to resolve their fear of public speaking it has been by recognising that this problem is really Social Anxiety Disorder.

Common underlying thoughts may be that:

  • “I will make a fool of myself and people will think I’m an idiot”
  • “I’ll forget or stumble over my words and people will think I’m stupid”
  • “I’m not as clever as the other people and people will think I’m a fraud”

The common thread in these thoughts is that “other people” will come to some conclusion about them and almost always this is believed to be some sort of negative conclusion.

People hardly ever think to themselves; “I bet they’ll all think I’m brilliant at public speaking”.. even though they might be!

Types of Therapy available for Fear of Public Speaking

We offer both Hypnotherapy & Psychological based solutions for Fear of Public Speaking, for example the Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme – choosing the right type of therapy for Fear of Public Speaking probably has more to do with you and your personality type rather than which form of therapy is more effective, so if you are in any doubt you can always arrange to come along for one of our Confidential initial assessments and we will advise you based on which therapy we think is most suited to YOU.

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