Recovery from Mental Distress

Recovery is the way we describe understanding, coming to terms with and ultimately overcoming mental and emotional distress.

We use the term recovery as a more informed way of thinking about the process of unraveling what has happened to you in your life that may have lead to distress at the present moment.

Recovery stands as a direct challenge to the bio-medical notion of ‘treatment’ which implies the ‘correction’ of a biological illness. For example, a medical doctor would provide a medical treatment for a disease such as Malaria which is known to be caused by specific, identifiable pathogens.

However, there has never been any definitive scientific evidence (that is valid or reliable) to indicate that mental distress, emotions or behaviours are the result of illness or disease as posited by the bio-medical models of mental health.

Recovery through Psychosocial Counselling

Here at Lee Psychology we do NOT view clients as being ‘ill’ and needing to be ‘treated’ for illness, but instead consider your current difficulties to be the result of your individual life history and the ways in which you have made sense of experiences.

Psychosocial counselling takes all of these factors into consideration and recognises the fact that some of the ways in which you learnt to cope with adversity in the past may still persist and be less useful to you today than when you originally ‘devised’ them.

Our counselling approaches seek to help you recognise ‘why’ you feel the way you do today based on what happened during your life and in doing so, help you to develop and implement a recovery strategy that is relevant for today’s context.

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Ready to Begin a New Journey?

If you’d like to find out more about overcoming or recovering from your emotional distress or mental health difficulties then why not arrange a free initial consultation with us.

During this consultation we will discuss your particular problems and the potential solutions in a safe and confidential environment without you having to commit to any counselling programmes or sessions going forward.

It is our view that not only do you need to decide whether the Lee Psychology approach suits who you are and what you have been through, but also whether or not you feel you will be able to work effectively with us as individuals.

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