Sex Addiction

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Sex Addiction Counselling Wolverhampton

Sex Addiction Counselling Therapy in Wolverhampton

sex addiction counselling wolverhampton hypnotherapy clinic - couple having sex obscured

Sex Addiction has entered into the common language of society today and up until recently has not been taken very seriously, although some high profile celebrities have recently “confessed” to being sex addicts (Charlie Sheen, Tiger Woods, Michael Douglas amongst others).

Sex addiction can place an enormous amount of strain & stress on a relationship but do not think that it is a problem confined to the bedroom.

Sex addicts typically find themselves watching more and more pornography, perhaps paying for sex, or indulging in ever more risky sexual activities.

This particular problem displays the classic hallmarks of any addiction whether that is alcohol addiction, drug addiction or any other and this is probably due to the fact that when we have sex our bodies release massive amounts of Endorphins (pleasure chemicals) into our bloodstream which create feelings of Euphoria.

Sex Addicts spend more and more time seeking this chemical reaction, often neglecting the other things that they should be doing with their time.


What are the symptoms of sex addiction?

Sex Addicts often demonstrate single-mindedness in the pursuit of sexual activities and the following symptoms or behaviours could indicate Sex Addiction:-

  • Paying for Sex
  • Multiple sexual partners in secret
  • Sex with strangers on a regular basis
  • Swinging
  • Spending lots of money on sex phone lines
  • Masturbating excessively
  • Routinely choosing sex over other important activities
  • Needing the buzz of sex more and more


Is this Problem Common?

Judging by the amount of publicity that sex addiction now seems to be attracting it seems likely that this is a bigger problem than once thought. Although figures of 5% of people has been bandied around, it is likely that the figures is higher and that it just doesn’t get reported as much due to the nature of sexuality and morality in our society.

Men and Women, it seems, are both affected in equal proportions and the growth of the internet has allowed private indulgence in sexual addiction (Pornography in particular) to grow beyond all measures.

Internet sites for meeting like minded sex addicts are easily accessible from the privacy of your own computer terminal!


I think I could have Sex Addiction

In common with all addictive behaviours, admitting to having the problem is the first step towards solving it.

Of course, a major paradox with Sex Addiction is that it may simply not feel like a problem unless it’s starting to have a negative impact somewhere in your daily life.


Types of Therapy available for Sex Addiction

We generally only offer psychological counselling for Sex Addiction. Most people will find that around 10 sessions of CBT with Paul, will usually be of great help in breaking this potentially destructive habit.

Please be aware that Joan does NOT work with Sex Addiction problems.

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