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Hypnoanalysis Therapy in Wolverhampton

Hypnoanalysis in wolverhampton - neural network image

Hypnoanalysis is the combination of Hypnosis and Psychoanalytical therapy designed to help a person uncover, understand and resolve problems that may have a root in past negative experiences and traumatic events.

Hypnoanalysis takes advantage of a phenomenon known as ‘memory reconsolidation‘ which is a proven psychological event that occurs when a person is able to simultaneously process a past ‘causative’ event with a more useful ‘present context’ thought which then allows the new ‘thought process’ to overwrite the old one. In this way the mind is able to ‘free’ itself of any behaviours that the old experience may have been leading to.

It is especially suited to the resolving Anxiety, Depression, Fears, Phobias and other primary Psychological problems through the process of reconsolidation and is offered at Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy by Joan

Hypnoanalysis is a multi-session intervention with treatment sessions held weekly as seen in other therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) although on average Hypnoanalysis requires fewer sessions than conventional CBT.

In general terms, hypnoanalysis lasts around 10 – 15 sessions although this is highly dependent on the individual and the nature of the problem.

Sessions cost £90 each or as a 6 session block at £480.

What’s the difference between Hypnoanalysis and Clinical Hypnosis?

Clinical Hypnosis, or Suggestion Therapy as it is sometimes known, and Hypnoanalysis differ fundamentally.

Most people will know somebody who has seen a Hypnotherapist for the Fear of Flying. Normally somebody suffering from this “phobia” will have just the one session of therapy in which the Hypnotherapist uses the Hypnotic State to “suggest” positive thoughts and feelings about Flying so that the sufferer can “think” and “feel” differently the next time they fly. This is why it is known as “suggestion” therapy.

Whilst Clinical Hypnotherapy can help to deal with these types of issues fairly effectively, the process does not really deal with the reasons “WHY” the person has these “irrational” fears and worries in the first place, and typically the effects of clinical hypnosis are known to be temporary.

Hypnoanalysis tries to solve the problem from the other way around by helping clients first understand and then come to terms with WHY they have these irrational thoughts or feelings. Once these reasons are understood the client is able to then bring about a fundamental and permanent change in their behaviour.

Can anybody benefit from Hypnoanalysis?

Everybody is unique and perceives the world in their own unique way, with their unique personal experiences, character and perceptions determining their suitability for the process.

Certain “character types” find the process of Hypnoanalysis very difficult and by carefully screening clients at our initial consultations we are able to advise accordingly.

Initial Consultations

If you’d like to come along to the clinic to discuss how hypnoanalysis might be suitable for your problem then we offer all prospective clients a Confidential initial consultation.

Either call Joan on 07434 776504, email her on joan@wolverhamptonhypnotherapy.co.uk or click on the button below.

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