What is Hypnosis?

People have always had a  fascination with Hypnosis and Hypnotism, mostly due to the apparent “power” that it gives to the skilled Hypnotist over other people.

The idea that we can use our minds to control other people’s behaviour has an obvious appeal, but unfortunately it’s just not true!

Our minds comprise of two essential parts, one called the “conscious” mind and the other called the “un-conscious” or “sub-conscious” mind. In our day-to-day thinking, when we “talk” to ourselves (our internal dialogue) we are actively using our conscious mind.

Our unconscious minds tend to handle the parts of our life that we don’t need to consciously think about, for example our breathing is generally managed by our unconscious and we don’t need to think about breathing in, and then breathing out – however, as you read this you will probably have moved control of the breathing into the conscious as you are now thinking consciously about it! (Because I’ve brought it to your attention!)

When it comes to general management of our lives, it is in fact our unconscious minds that are “in charge” even though we may feel that we consciously control what we do most of the time. The skilled and well trained hypnotist, or hypnotherapist, understands this fact when “inducing” somebody into Hypnosis.

Hypnosis and Hypnotism actually works on the unconscious part of our minds and does not need the conscious mind to be involved at all.

Does Hypnosis Work?

When you enter into a state of Hypnosis you actually begin to enter into a higher level of awareness rather than, as is popularly believed, a state of “sleep” or “unconsciousness”. You become capable of thinking both consciously AND unconsciously at the same time.

Most people will be familiar with this state, for example when driving your car along a well known route you may experience that “auto-pilot” feeling when you arrive at your destination but realise that you don’t “remember” consciously driving or how you got there! You have been in a state of Hypnosis.

When you attend for a session of Hypnosis with us, we “guide” you into this very same state of mind and at the point that we see this state is present, will start to “negotiate” directly with your unconscious mind.

It is well known that when positively phrased “suggestions” are “implanted” into the unconscious mind that we tend to “accept” the suggestions without having to consciously “think” about what is being said. If these suggestions “fit-in” with what we want to achieve (say quit smoking or behave differently in some way) then our unconscious minds will follow them and “manage” our new behaviour.

Can anybody be Hypnotised?

Hypnosis is completely natural and can be experienced by almost anybody willing to participate in the process.

It is a “permissive” state that requires consent by both the client and the Hypnotherapist and because of this fact NOBODY can be made to do anything that they do not WANT to do.

This is very important because it also means that if you are not TRULY motivated to make the changes that you consult us for here in Wolverhampton, then we CANNOT make those changes for you.

There are many examples of just how effective Hypnosis is, for example, it has been widely accepted that Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can be significantly relieved through Analytical Hypnotherapy.

Research carried out by the New Scientist Journal also supports the fact that when wanting to Quit Smoking that the most effective method is Hypnosis.

Here at the Wolverhampton Clinic we have an excellent success rate with helping smokers become non-smokers permanently.

Problems that might be helped with Hypnosis

As Professional Hypnotherapists based in Wolverhampton we can help you to overcome many of the problems and symptoms that might be holding you back, or stopping you from leading a happy and fulfilling life.

It might be that you simply want to stop smoking, or that you need to overcome some social anxiety that leaves you feeling judged, lacking in confidence or perhaps that you are unable to fully engage with people.

Whatever your personal circumstances your problem will be helped in a professional, caring, confidential way and in an environment where you will not be judged.

To view a list of the problems helped with Hypnotherapy click HERE.

Hypnosis – Benefits

The Types of Therapy we use here at the Wolverhampton clinic, helps clients to identify internal resources, for example, previous times when they have overcome some adversity, and to bring this experience to bear on the current problem.

The sessions themselves are incredibly relaxing which in itself can bring fantastic benefits.

When the body and mind are “re-integrated” amazing results are possible. Whatever treatment you experience, you can be assured of our integrity and professionalism at all times.

Is Hypnosis Dangerous?

Because there has always been negative press about Hypnosis, many people are a little unsure as to whether or not Hypnosis is “safe” or what the dangers of hypnotherapy are, but you can be completely confident that the hypnotherapy treatments that we use in Wolverhampton are ALL completely safe and you cannot possibly come to any harm by using them.

The only time that we may steer-away from using Hypnosis is if there has ever been any history of Psychosis in your past. (Psychosis is due to imbalances or problems with the actual Brain unlike Psychological conditions which are more to do with thinking or emotional problems)

We always “screen” potential clients during our Initial Assessment to ensure that the Treatment chosen is the most appropriate solution for you.

To understand even more, visit our frequently asked questions about Hypnosis page HERE