Websites for Therapists

Websites for Therapists

Hi, Paul here… As well as running Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy and TranceForm Psychology I also run a website design company that specialises in websites for therapists, in particular Hypnotherapists.

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If you would like to have your own Hypnotherapy Website that is well optimised, looks good and performs well in search engine rankings, then you’ve come to the right place.

As a full time Psychologist and Hypnotherapist I fully understand what our clients are looking for, the sorts of “search terms” they use and the sorts of problems they are looking to solve.

Although you can use some of the pre-paid templates from such providers as “One-to-One” and “Vista-Print”, they rarely attract the kind of traffic needed to gain enough clients to keep a business going.

Some of the web sites that I have created are just a few short pages, but some contain more than 800 pages and are much more sophisticated.

We are experts within the field of Hypnotherapy having been qualified since 1988 and know what is required to get customers through the door.

You can view the site at:-

Compare my service to other “professional” web site design services and you will see that for a totally bespoke web site design my costs are significantly lower.


Range of Websites to Suit All Budgets

Our range of website designs starts with our ‘entry-level’ Essentials site. A multi-page fully functioning WordPress design built as a platform on which to build your site as much as you want to.

Priced at £300 and also available on a subscription or instalment plan, you’ll love the design and the price!

Next in our range are our Premium Web Design sites which contain 20 pages and are built on one of our pre-designed ‘template layouts’. Priced at £600 and also available on a subscription or instalment plan, these are our most popular sites.

For a totally unique site take a look at our Custom Web Design packages. These site contain up to 40 pages are are essentially custom designed to your requirements. Priced at £960 these sites a uniquely you!